Thursday, 22 December 2016

Cem Koray has been promoted at Perella Weinberg Partners

Yippee! / Well ... there isn't much news around, as you might expect. It seems I'm the only one still working. I'll probably have a PR email later, about migraines. 'Migraines?! Surely you can do better than that, boss?' Not really, Voice. Unless someone sends me something interesting. Is there anyone out there?!

Anyway, we have this Cem Koray character to deal with. Apparently, he was a managing director at Perella Weinberg Partners, and now ... [drum roll] ... he's a partner. 'Great!' Yeah, well done, son! We all believe in you, Cem. We know you're going to be a brilliant partner. / This is from the firm's website -

Cem Koray, Managing Director, Advisory, New York.

Prior to joining Perella Weinberg Partners, Mr. Koray was an Executive Director at J.P. Morgan, where he advised a broad range of clients in the consumer and retail industries on M&A and capital raising transactions. Prior to attending business school, Mr. Koray worked as a management consultant at McKinsey & Co in Istanbul and Sydney.

Mr. Koray received a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering from Bilkent University in Turkey and a Master of Business Administration from Columbia Business School.

Bloody hell! Can you update your own website, please, guys? He's a partner now, not a managing director. Sort it out! 'Maybe they don't know.' What?! 'Maybe we know more than they do, boss.' Don't be ridiculous! They've promoted Cem. He's their man. However ...

However, it's Christmas and - 'This person is connected to 0 Board Members in 0 different organizations across 1 different industries.' Yes, Voice, Bloomberg. Very nice. However, it's Christmas and there are more important things to focus on. 'Like mince pies, chocolates, beer, and -' And songs. 'Songs?' Songs.

My demo is going to be delayed. I've still got two songs to record, and I don't want to ruin my Christmas by working on them, so ... mid-January, I'm thinking now. Maybe. Hopefully. 'Pull your finger out!' Good things take time, etc., man.


Anything else? 'Politics?' No! Oh, I was considering hiring a Martin D-28 for a week, to finish my demo in style. Then I saw the price. £200 for one week! 'Sod that, Mikey!' I know. They're comedians!

Well, laters.