Tuesday, 6 December 2016

LumX Group?! 'WTF?!'

All right, all right. Jesus! What's all the fuss? / Don't get upset, dear reader(s). Please! 'LumX.' Yes, it's a bit strange. But I don't think it's a big deal, you know? Gottex Fund Management just wants to change its name to LumX Group, that's all. It's like when Prince changed his name to that squiggle. 'The artist formerly known as Prince.' Yes. If this all goes through, we could be dealing with The fund management firm formerly known as Gottex. I really don't see a problem with it. 'Well ...' People get bored, man. Shit like this just makes life exciting, you dig? 'Yeah. As long as everyone working at the firm doesn't start wearing one white glove.' Eh? Er ... that was Michael Jackson, Voice. 'Okay. Whatever.' Yeah. 'Anyway, how do you know about this, boss?' Ha! How do I know? It's the Tuesday morning PR email, son, back by popular demand!

Notice of extraordinary general meeting

Gottex Fund Management Holdings Limited (Gottex or the Company) announces its plans to hold an extraordinary general meeting (EGM) on 30 December 2016 for the purpose of approving resolutions including (i) the change of name of the Company from Gottex Fund Management Holdings Limited to LumX Group Limited to reflect the new strategic focus and dynamic of the Company, (ii) certain changes to the articles of association, (iii) reduction of the nominal value of the shares of the Company from CHF 1.00 to CHF 0.10 in order to eliminate previous losses from the Company's balance sheet, and (iv) the appointment of Mr. Edgar Brandt as a member of the Board of Directors, replacing Mr. David Staples, who plans to step down as a Director as per the date of the EGM. Mr. Brandt will also succeed Mr. Staples as Chairman of the Audit Committee.

You see? 'Yeah.' Uh ... oh, more about this Edgar character -

Mr. Edgar Brandt has extensive experience in audit and consulting services for companies and private equity investors worldwide, including 17 years with Arthur Andersen. He is an active member of several professional organizations, and is on the Board of Directors and acts as Chairman of Audit Committees of a number of private and public companies, primarily in the financial services industry.

'Nice.' It's very nice, Voice. / By the way, dear reader(s), I've been looking through my archive, and I just found this -

You ran and you ran! Lonely boy, crying tears like no one has ever cried! Then you found Gottex Fund Management. Oh, they took you in a skeleton's embrace. The cold bones of the Gottex workers! Never have they touched the astral sky, tasted the sand, or burned with the love of the mystic ones. Shame on you, Mark! Shame on you, for seeking shelter with such souls, the lost!

'Ha!' That's from six years ago. Christ! What was I on in those days? 'Ha! What are you on in these days?' Shut up!


Anything else? No - is the short answer. Laters.