Monday, 12 December 2016

Michelle Scrimgeour has gone to Columbia Threadneedle!

Nice one! Result, as "they" say. Yeah, our Sylvia has got a new job, dear reader(s). She's left M&G Investments to become the chief executive of Europe, Middle East and Africa at Columbia Threadneedle. [Well done, girl!] Our Sylvia has a nice smiling face. I like her. 'Sylvia?! Who's this Sylvia, boss?' Oh, hello, Voice. Welcome to another working week. I'm talking about Michelle Scrimgeour. But her friends call her Sylvia. 'Do they?! Why?' I don't know, man. You'll have to ask them. / Oh, I couldn't get into LinkedIn again. 'Christ! Maybe you should try signing in, boss, yeah?' Ha! I'm not a member. However, Bloomberg was as helpful as ever -

This person is connected to 2 Board Members in 2 different organizations across 6 different industries.

So, uh ... that's what they say about Sylvia. Which isn't too bad, actually. We've known it to be worse, haven't we?

And that's about it really. There's not a lot going on. It will be like this for the next three or four weeks. 'What about PR emails?' I had some in my email folder, Voice, but I deleted them. So I'll have to wait for new ones.

Well, well ... / Politics, anyone? 'Yeah, go on, Mikey. Give it your best shot.' Well, Donald Trump has decided - in his great wisdom - to pick a fight with the CIA. 'Ha!' This can only end one way. But it's his life, you know? He'll learn. / And back home: Theresa May? She's becoming less impressive by the day. And Boris Johnson? Jesus! I don't know what, I mean ... 'How about Jeremy Corbyn?' How about him? Well, someone on the news the other night said that Corbyn had gone into the witness protection programme. 'No one knows what he's doing!' He's probably on his allotment, Voice. 'Ha!' It makes sense, I think. When the whole world is dissolving into chaos, the best thing you can do is to remove yourself from the scene and do something "soothing", you dig? 'Yeah, I suppose.' It must be nice on the allotment, talking to the vegetables, caring for them ... 'All the troubles of the world must just melt away, boss.' Yes, they must do.


After lunch, I'll be going on my allotment. 'Have you got one?' No. I mean No. 472. 'No ... I? Eh? What?' No. 472!!! 'Oh, okay.' The one after No. 471. Please keep up, son. / Laters.