Tuesday, 26 September 2017

BNPP AM Euro CLO 2017 B.V.

What is it? Ha! It's been closed. I can tell you that, dear reader(s). 'What else can you tell us, boss?' Nothing much, Voice.

Well, I can tell everyone that 361 euros have been raised for it. 'That's not a lot.' No, hang on ... 361 million euros. 'That's better. But what the fuck is it?!' Ha!

That would be telling. 'Tell us!'

Man, there will be readers who know, and there will be readers who don't have a clue. That's good enough for me. I'll take those odds. 'What odds?!' Listen, son, it doesn't matter. I could tell everyone everything and it wouldn't matter, you dig?

Just be cool, be chilled ... like me. / I'm listening to Amy Winehouse, Back to Black. A great album. Eleven songs. Roughly thirty-five minutes. 'Nice.' It's very nice.

It's the company's fourth new generation CLO, apparently. 'Is it?' Yes, it is. And I have no complaints. 'Why should you complain, boss?' I shouldn't. They live in their world, and I live in my world. I'm just taking it easy, listening to some music. I'll play my guitar later. I'm going to do some recording at the weekend, probably.

Vanessa Ritter is in charge. I have full confidence in her. I know she's going to do a great job. 'How do you know?' All right. I imagine she's going to do a great job. Are you happy with that? 'Boss, you have one of the best imaginations in the business. I'm more than happy.' Thanks, Voice.

I love the atmosphere of Wake Up Alone.

I've been doing some fingerpicking lately. I'm getting quite good at it. I don't actually need it for my type of music, but I get bored playing the same shit all the time. It might come in useful one day.

Well, I wish them all the best, anyway. 'Who?!' Those people. 'What people?!' Vanessa and her gang. 'Oh, right.' Yeah. 'I thought you were talking about the fingerpicking people.' What fingerpicking people?! 'I don't know.' Ha! You're nuts, you are!

Okay. I'm listening to Love Me now. A rough take of my new pop song. [Oh, this is my last music update, by the way.] It'll be in fourth place on my demo, after the two big ballads and Lucky You. Then, I'm afraid, dear reader(s) ... I'll have to become a rock and roll star, for my sins. 'No choice, Mikey.' It's my destiny, man.