Thursday, 28 September 2017

BOHH Labs wins the challenge

Yeah, it's won the challenge. Congratulations to everyone at BOHH Labs! 'What challenge is this, boss? The Pepsi challenge?' Er, no, I don't think so, Voice. Let me have a look here. It's actually a PR email from my mate Beau "Shandy" Bass. 'Christ! I'd be very surprised, boss, if he were promoting a rival drink.' Listen, give me a chance. I'm reading the email. I don't even know what challenge it is yet ... ah! -

BOHH Labs, the recently launched start-up focusing on security for the Fintech market, is a winner of the prestigious SAP+Google Cloud Intelligent App Challenge. The company will be receiving the Award at the annual SAP TechEd event in Las Vegas, 24th-29th September 2017.

Right. Las Vegas again. I see. Never mind.

The Challenge recognizes emerging solutions based on some of today's most innovative technologies including the use of SAP HANA Express Edition, Google Cloud Platform, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and encryption. In addressing the security of data transport and access for Cloud and Internet of Things (IoT) and streamlining workflows to increase business productivity, BOHH Labs secure app solution won the SAP+Google Cloud Intelligent App Challenge out of hundreds of entries.

Okay, okay. It's fintech again. I'm sure I asked for rainbows and human feelings ... 'You did, boss, but it's all technology these days.' What a world!

BOHH Labs will highlight its winning solution at the SAP TechEd event, which brings together thousands of attendees and hundreds of sessions with SAP experts on best practices, how-to tips, and advice on how to optimize infrastructure and gain insights into new technologies driving the disruptive and agile business models of the future - including artificial intelligence, blockchain, machine learning, and IoT.

Well, I have no idea at all ... 'Ha! Let's hear from Simon Bain.' What?! Who on earth is Simon Bain, man?! 'He's the CEO of BOHH Labs.' Oh, okay.

Simon Bain, CEO, BOHH Labs, stated: "This is a hugely prestigious award for BOHH Labs to win and it firmly cements us in the minds of the SAP and Google Cloud communities. As part of our submission for the SAP+Google Cloud Intelligent App Challenge, we demonstrated how our app leverages the unique capabilities of SAP HANA Express Edition and Google Cloud Platform to mobilize data and enables users to search securely across multiple databases and repositories using voice and text commands to find information quickly in real-time."

Okay, okay. [They're not firmly cemented in my mind, I have to say.] I'm sure it's all really interesting, but I've got a guitar to play.


Yes, it's the end of another week. Thank God, eh? Laters.