Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Vortus Investments has raised $500 million!

And they only wanted $450 million. So it's something to celebrate, ain't it, dear reader(s)? 'They could have gone for $600 million, boss.' Yes, they could have, Voice, but they didn't. Remember, not everyone is as ambitious as we are. Anyway, half a billion dollars is very nice. 'I wonder what they'll spend it all on.' Er ... I think they're going to invest it, man. 'Yeah?' Yes, oil and gas in America. They're not going to blow it on nonsense. Wild parties and stuff.

A bit about the firm -

Vortus Investments is a Fort Worth-based private equity firm focused on generating long-term capital gains through investments in the lower to middle market upstream energy industry in North America. Formed in 2013 by Jeffrey W. Miller and Brian C. Crumley, Vortus' philosophy focuses on a disciplined approach to investing with an emphasis on repeatability. The Investment Team's collective 60+ years of global energy experience covers a wide range of disciplines, including: private equity, investment banking, M&A, capital markets, public equity and debt investing, asset management, and restructuring, and is supported by a foundation of petroleum engineering. Through Vortus' complementary technical, operational and financial experience in energy investments and operations, the team has developed a broad network of integral industry relationships to source potential investments.

Repeatability! They'll probably love my numbered conceptual posts because I get a-ROUND, and a-ROUND, and a-ROUND, and - 'You never stop, boss.' Son, I don't want to stop. I'm having the time of my life. Why would I want to stop writing them? 'It would be insanity to stop.' Of course it would!

Anyway, I wish them all the best at Vortus.


Right. Anything else? Brexit? Christ! Brexit just gets worse, man. 'Those Leavers!' I don't actually discuss Brexit no more - I'm sick of it - but ... it just gets worse. Why would half the country decide to top itself like a Jonestown massacre? It makes absolutely no sense. I'm just ...

I'm just glad I've got my music, frankly. It's an escape from a world of shit. 'And your conceptual stuff, Mikey!' Yes, yes, yes. And that. Well, well ... well!