Thursday, 21 September 2017

Cazana founder has got secrets

And he's going to share them with people in America. 'Ha! They won't be secrets for long, boss.' Why not, Voice? 'Those Americans will tell everyone.' Yeah, maybe.

British business is set to impress when six, fast-growth UK companies head to San Francisco as part of a programme to promote UK big data and insurtech capability to American investors. Cazana, the largest car search and indexing engine for used car sales in the UK, is one of the businesses attending the high-profile event with founder and CEO, Tom Wood, scheduled to meet with corporate investors and venture capital funds.

Oh, Christ! 'What?' No, there's nothing wrong, really. I just - 'You didn't want technology again, did you?' I asked for rainbows, man. I asked for decent human feelings, and rainbows. And they give me ... technology. 'But you don't even like rainbows, Mikey!' Listen, son, I can hardly ask them for conceptual shit, can I? They probably don't even know what that is. So I ask these PR people for rainbows, and decent human feelings ... and I get technology again! / Never mind. Let's do this -

The mission, which takes place from 26th to 28th September 2017, will feature significant pitching and networking opportunities to generate further interest from US investors in the sector-leading work which is taking place in the UK. As a current recipient of US financial backing, Cazana is well-placed to show how businesses operating across the Atlantic can benefit from a collaborative approach to technology investment.

Technology investment. You see, dear reader(s)? That's all they know. / I suppose I better let Tom Wood say a word or two ...

Cazana's CEO, Tom Wood, commented: "It is a privilege to be chosen as one of just a handful of companies to represent the UK in this important trade mission. We're looking forward to showing how Cazana's big data and machine learning can help US insurers and companies working with vehicles to reduce their risk by better understanding the history of those vehicles. Cazana's global vehicle database has been proven to reduce the risk of insurance fraud in the UK market, and we're excited to show US insurers how this data can help them write motor insurance more cost effectively."

Okay, okay. I don't know what the big secrets are, but ... the Americans will find out. 'It's the big data thing, boss.' Whatever.

Following on from the mission to San Francisco, Cazana's founder and CEO, Tom Wood, will demonstrate Cazana's technology at the world's largest insurtech event, InsureTech Connect, which takes place in Las Vegas on 3rd and 4th October 2017. Wood will demonstrate how Cazana's big data helps motor insurers to reduce fraud and improve their loss ratio by understanding the condition and history of the vehicles they cover.

Oh, right. Then he's going to Las Vegas. Not to have a good time, like, but just for business. 'Ha!' Sure. We believe that, don't we, dear reader(s)? I wasn't born yesterday, Tom. FFS!

Well, enjoy yourself, yeah?


Yes, ENDS. / And, well ... it's nearly the ends of the week. I've got one more post to do later, a conceptual, No. 547. Laters.