Monday, 18 September 2017

Jim Moran ...

Well, well ... / Venture capital guy. Yeah. Jim Moran. He's going to be the executive chairman. Or so our Susie reckons. And she says I can speak to him, if I want to. Well, I don't want to - nothing personal - but I'm writing this post, anyway, ain't I? 'What's all this, boss? I mean, on a sunny Monday morning in summer, like.' Ha! It's winter, Voice. Get used to it! / Right, this -

Perfecto, the leading continuous testing and monitoring platform for optimizing DevOps pipelines, today announced the appointment of Jim Moran as executive chairman of its board of directors. In this newly created, full-time role, Moran will focus on helping the company accelerate its profitable growth in the DevOps and application development and QA markets, and work closely with the Perfecto board and executive team to extend the company's market leadership and navigate its strategic growth options.

Christ! It's technology again. / Hey, PR people, haven't you got any human stuff you can send me? You know, about people with sensitive feelings who are staring at a fucking rainbow or something? Not that I've got much time for rainbows, but I'm just saying, man. 'Ha! Give it up, boss. It's the way the world is going now.' Oh. Well, stop the world, son. I want to get off! / A bit more on Jimmy -

Moran brings a wealth of experience with technology startups across a variety of markets including enterprise SaaS and cloud, open source, payments, mobile commerce, and communications & infrastructure. Most recently, he was managing director at North Bridge Venture & Growth Equity Partners investing in and advising both early-stage and growth-oriented companies including mobile wallet provider Paydiant (acquired by PayPal), and endpoint security solution Confer Technologies (acquired by Carbon Black).

As long as he's happy, I suppose. You can't change people. God knows I've tried ... / Okay. Uh, Liron Gitig said something. 'Did he?' Yes. 'Who is he?' I don't know.

"The race to deliver a best-in-class digital experience has never been more fierce," said Liron Gitig, Perfecto board member and partner at investor FTV Capital. "Perfecto's acceleration of cycle time and faster delivery of digital services make its solutions mission-critical for software development organizations. Jim's expertise and leadership make him the right executive to help us capitalize on this massive market opportunity."

Oh, okay. He's, uh ... a partner at FTV Capital. 'What about Eran Yaniv, boss?' Who?! 'Eran Yaniv.' Oh, you mean ... the chief executive of Perfecto, him?

"Jim brings tremendous strategic insight and operational experience to Perfecto at a time when we are seeing strong, profitable growth in a market with unlimited opportunity," said Eran Yaniv, CEO of Perfecto. "He knows what it takes to disrupt and scale to win in big markets and is adept at developing winning go-to-market strategies to do that. His track record is exceptional and I am looking forward to working with him to maximize the tremendous potential we have here."

Well, that's all really nice and everything, but - 'We haven't heard from the great man himself!' Well, hang on, Voice -

"Perfecto has an enormous opportunity ahead and is extremely well positioned to CAPITALIZE now," said Moran. "As enterprises execute on their digital strategies, their software development and QA organizations must accelerate their level of innovation and time-to-market to engage with their users in new ways using web, mobile and IoT. Perfecto is in a market-leading position to support these efforts by optimizing their software delivery pipelines and assuring flawless digital user experiences."

Okay, okay. Thanks, Jimmy. [I just wonder where they get all their enthusiasm from, dear reader(s)]. / Right ... 'Ends?' No, just this -


You see? 'Er ... well, what's that?' Ask Susie. It's her way of doing the Ends thing, obviously. 'Yeah?' Jesus! I don't know how these people's minds work. Ask Susie!


Anything else? Music? This is my last music update. There will be two ballads and two "pop" songs on my new demo. 'What happened to the third ballad, Mikey?' It's too much, all three together, Voice.

What else? I'll be doing a conceptual later, No. 546. Laters.