Tuesday, 13 November 2018

Ask the cosmos

And the cosmos will give. That's how it works, my friend(s). The following is a true story ...

I woke up yesterday morning around six o'clock after a dream about a lovely lady. 'Who?' That will have to remain private, I'm afraid. It was nothing sordid. But she's a real person. 'Who, boss?! Tell us!' Someone from the internet, Voice. I've never met her. She was sitting on my bed, talking to me. 'Were you asleep in the dream?' No. I was awake in the dream, talking to her. 'On the bed?' Yes. 'I see.' All above board, man. / Anyway, at the end of this dream a whole piece of music was playing. Not just a fragment, you dig? A verse, and a chorus. 'Nice one!' So, I sang the melody into my Zoom Handy recorder thing. It's actually very handy, near the bed. I had trouble getting it out of its case. Fumbling around in the dark, like. 'Ha!' Never mind. The point is, I spent the rest of the day blogging. 'Working hard.' Yeah. / Okay, okay. Later on in the evening though, I picked up my guitar and started to find chords for the melody. 'Great!' Listen! Unfortunately, in my wisdom, I decided to abandon everything about the tune except for the first two seconds of it. 'Ha!' Crazy! An absolute waste of time you might think. 'Yes.' Ha! Well, no, Voice, dear kook(s)! BECAUSE(!!!) ... I started jamming and then got a whole new tune within minutes - which will definitely [maybe] become the music for a new world-beater song, as I like to call them. 'Amazing!' I just need to work on the structure now. And I'll do that tonight. It will only take half an hour or so. 'More jamming?' Oh, more jamming, certainly. Until I'm satisfied with it.

That is how the cosmos works for me, reader(s). Maybe it will for you, too.

You've got to be positive. You've got to do incantations. Are you digging this? Not affirmations. Incantations!

And with real intensity ... ask, ask, ask - and you shall receive!

Oh, you've got to make an effort as well, kook(s), in whatever you're involved in. The cosmos helps people who help themselves. 'That's true, boss!' Fuckin' A it is!


Update: I will have to change the melody a bit. A slight problem. I'll deal with it. Don't worry!