Thursday, 22 November 2018

Guitar playing is exhausting

I'm going to have to get fit, man. I don't mean jogging in the park. [I don't approve of public displays of fitness. That shit should be private, you dig?] But I have a punch bag downstairs. I haven't used it much. I'll start using it now. And I'll jump around while I'm doing it. I'll float like a butterfly and sting like a bee.

I definitely need to strengthen my hand for holding chords. So I'm going to do the spider exercise a lot more. And I need to play the guitar a lot more in general. I'll have to find the time somehow. I reckon you need complete immersion to get any good. / I want to record my new demo before Christmas. I can't wait any longer.

Oh, I'm giving the motivational stuff a rest. I don't actually have time for it any more. [And I don't need it!] My sad life is just blogging and guitar playing now. / I'm hoping to go to the pub for a couple of hours tomorrow lunchtime. But that's it. The only relaxation I get.

Staring at the river ...

Blogging is exhausting, too. Mentally exhausting. I'm physically and mentally knackered. That's the truth!


Ha, ha, ha! I've just received an email from Reuters. They've invited me to a webinar on ... The Future of Voice. 'What the fuck is this?! Are you serious, boss?!' Ha! Calm down, Voice. They're not talking about you. 'Oh.' It made me laugh though. 'Yeah, right.' Piss off back to the astral plane. Go on!


Ha, ha! Oh dear. / Anyway ... where were we, my kook(s)? Ah, music. I'm still reading that David Bowie book by Dylan Jones. Bowie changed a lot after the Seventies. He became happier, but also less intense with his music. The moral of the story? Don't be happy! / Bowie seemed to spend an awful lot of his time checking out the newest night clubs on the scene or going to parties. I suppose most pop and rock stars are like that, but I can't say it appeals to me. Maybe working all the time will give me a competitive edge. Well, I know it will. As I've said before, an Elon Musk type figure in the whimsical world of pop music would be ... apocalyptic. I mean, there's no other word for it.

Well, okay ... I hope you have a nice weekend, alligator(s). Voice? Oh, he's not here. Later(s), crocodile(s)!