Monday, 26 November 2018

Elon Musk will be going to Mars in 2025!

Great news! And he won't be coming back! Even better news! 'Oh, that's lovely, that is, boss.' What? 'I thought you liked the guy.' I do! 'Then why do you want to get rid of him?' I don't want to get rid of Elon, Voice. It's just that I want to see him build a base on Mars. 'Oh, okay.' Actually, he says there's a 70 per cent chance he'll go. Which is pretty high, isn't it? And he'll be going in the Super Heavy Starship. 'Eh? I thought it was the Big Fucking Rocket, boss.' No, no. He's changed its name. Our Elon is being very sensible these days. 'Yeah. If you can call dying on Mars sensible.' Ha! We've all got to die somewhere, son.

Uh. I might go with him. If I get bored with my music, like. 'Oh, has he invited you?' No, but Elon will be selling tickets. I'll have the money by 2025. / I don't know. I'll see how I feel.

The thing is, I can tell that Elon's been thinking a lot. I know how his mind works, see. 'Really?' Yeah. I mean, he said before that he wouldn't be travelling to Mars until it's safe(ish) to go. But he's obviously been thinking about the fact that the first person to walk on the surface of Mars would become bigger than Neil Armstrong and would probably overshadow Elon himself - you know, the guy who's made it all possible, which wouldn't be right. I can't see Elon living with that. And it wouldn't be fair anyway.

Another consideration will be that Elon - like me - is approaching fifty. Every sensible person knows that their life ain't worth shit after the age of fifty. So you may as well take a risk or do something outlandish. What have you got to lose? The opportunity to one day be pissing your pants in some wretched care home? Sod that for a game of soldiers! Take me to Mars! Do you know what I mean?


Right. Anything else? Music? My music? Well, I've got a new fragment of a tune which is sounding very promising, kook(s). I might develop it into my fifteenth song before Christmas, instead of that other one I'm working on. However, recording the songs that I already have must come first. I might try later on in the week. The spider exercise has really improved my guitar playing, man.

Okay. There'll be a conceptual later, No. 663. Laters!