Tuesday, 27 November 2018


If you see the dolphins

swimming around in the sea

if you're in the sea, like

Or with a boat, on top of the sea

and you see them

so free

take your hat off to them

for me

if you've got a hat, that is

because I won't be near the sea for a while

physical, material

and I just want them to know

that I appreciate

everything they are doing

I mean, setting a great example

because that is the way to live

not getting involved with nonsense

not talking absolute


but living in a way

that makes a lot of sense

because we haven't got much time left

we never had much time

not even in our beginnings

because there were billions of years of life before us

and there are billions to come

which we'll miss out on, sadly

oh, one life here, yes

and I don't want to talk

of the things I should be known for

ah, I'm better known for this

just words

but that's not the point

the point is

there is no point

so that's why

they swim around in the sea

having more sense than you

and me

and the funny thing is

I can't even swim

but that doesn't matter

it's the dream that counts

and I'm dreaming of a better time

outside of time

my eternity


like a dolphin

maybe a spiritual dolphin

without a physical body

but a dolphin's soul

I can swim through the cosmos

seeing all the sights

having all the thoughts

knowing all the knowledge

and being sort of happy, I suppose

so far removed from the dirt and chaos


and so

that's my dream

which is pretty real

because I can see it

right now

and I'm not one to wait

for visions

because they come so easy

and there's more

and there's more

and there's more

I could say

I could see

I could dream

because there are no limits

when you're as open as I am

and I don't care

I really don't care

what the monsters

of the world

say, or think, or feel

because they're pretty dead to me

and dead to themselves, obviously

because maybe

they do say, yes

but they can't think, no

and they certainly can't feel

not like our lovely dolphins

because they have so many feelings

and I love them

and maybe they love me

and why wouldn't they?

and so, well

this is all


I'm existing as

in this moment

and the next

the next moment

because the moments keep coming

and the dolphins won't stop

they will never stop