Tuesday, 20 November 2018

Financial news shouldn't even be news, really

Maybe we can call it something else. Like, uh ... trash. Do you know what I mean, dear reader(s)? 'Oh, are you in a bad mood this morning, boss?' I don't know, Voice.

It's just ... / What's the actual point of writing about finance? I've written about thousands of funds and that. Thousands of finance faces! But where am I now? 'Right here, man.' Exactly! I'm right here. Nothing has changed in the world. The sun is still shining. Birds are still singing in the trees. I don't feel any different.

The conceptual stuff makes me feel different. Like a different fish. You dig? 'Yeah.' It's actually useful, man, and it means something. I'll be working on No. 662 later.

I ... 'Have you looked for news, boss?' No. 'What about PR emails?' They didn't appeal to me.

Actually, I can't see the sun this morning. It's all cloudy. 'And I can't hear any birds singing.' They're probably all dead, Voice.

Maybe things are changing. Not with finance. With the world. The world is dying.

Should we be sad?

I've been thinking about all the fascists we've got around us these days. Didn't they used to be in the gutter, keeping a low profile, like? When did they become so popular? They're always on the TV and radio these days. It's funny how times change.

So, the world is changing, yes. Finance is still as boring as it was ten years ago. Numbers going up and down. Funds opening. Funds closing. I've had a gutful of it.

Of course, regular readers won't be surprised by my attitude. I need to let off steam every now and then.


Okay. I'm putting some music on. Music makes even more sense than conceptual literature.

Right. Some Bowie songs ...

Five Years. This is about the end of the world. There are only five years left.

Quicksand. This is about knowledge coming with death's release. Ah, ah, ah!

1984. Ha! This is about the world today.

Lady Grinning Soul. Er ... this is about a lady who grins, I suppose. No one knows why.

Red Sails. Uh, I don't know. I just like it.


My music? I'm still trying to improve my guitar playing. It will probably take the rest of my life. I'm doing a lot more of the spider exercise. 'Is that when you play like a spider, Mikey?' Yes, Voice. Just like a spider. It hurts the fingers, but it's good for building strength.