Wednesday, 14 November 2018

Two PR emails

And I've had to choose one of them. Only one. 'Nonsense, boss! You're writing another post later. You can cover both emails.' Er, excuse me, Voice. I'll be writing about music later, probably, and just general night thoughts. 'Oh.' Not that it's got anything to do with you. I don't even want you on the next post. 'Good! I'll be able to get some kip on the astral plane then.' Well, good! We're both happy.

Jesus H. Christ! / Uh, anyway ...

Lagos, 13/11/2018 - Unity Bank has agreed to work together with Daystar Power in moving the power supply of Unity Bank's branches across Nigeria from diesel generation to cleaner and more efficient solar powered solutions. Unity Bank is one of Nigeria's leading retail banks with 240 business offices across the country and Nigeria's 8th largest bank by business locations. Unity Bank is driven by the vision to be the retail bank of choice for all Nigerians and the move to a cleaner power supply will further improve the banking experience of retail customers. Daystar Power belongs to the venture capital company Sunray Ventures of the German founders Christian Wessels and Jasper Graf von Hardenberg.

Yeah, solar power in Nigeria. The other email looked quite interesting. Some cryptocurrency research by Warwick University. Unfortunately, there's an embargo on it until midnight. Why the hell do they do that?! 'You can write about it later, boss.' I've already told you, idiot! I'll be writing about music later and - 'Yeah, yeah, and general night thoughts.' Yes, that's right. 'Break the embargo then.' What?! Have you lost your fucking mind, Voice?! 'Well -' You can't break an embargo! Do you know what would happen to me if I did break it? 'No. What?' Er ... well, I don't actually know. 'Ha!' But I'm pretty sure it would be serious. / So, dear reader(s), let's stick with solar power in Nigeria ...

Daystar Power was founded by the venture capital financier Sunray Ventures, which has set itself the task of making a significant contribution to the electrification of the African continent through private equity investments and thereby promoting the systematic expansion of renewable energy resources.

Fair enough. / Unity Bank?

Unity Bank has agreed to work with Daystar Power in moving the power supply of its branches across Nigeria to cleaner and more economic solar powered solutions. In delivering its services, Daystar Power uses globally leading technology to provide Unity Bank with a combination of hybrid battery backed-up solar power solutions, which reduce costs as well as carbon emissions.

Yeah, okay, we know! / Right, let's hear from - oh, ha, ha, ha ... this girl has got a cool name, man - let's hear from ... Tomi Somefun -

Tomi Somefun, Managing Director of Unity Bank says: "Unity Bank is dedicated to be the retail bank of choice for all Nigerians and provide our customers with the best possible banking experience. We believe that our transition to clean solar energy solutions will not only help providing a better experience to customers visiting our branches, but also contribute to safeguarding our environment. We are happy to be working together with Daystar Power in this endeavour."

Nice one! / I bet she's the life and soul of parties. / Okay. To finish with, let's hear from, uh ... Christian Wessels. Whatever.

Christian Wessels, Geschaftsfuhrer von Sunray Ventures, says: "A significant gap between required and available electricity from the grid is prevalent across Nigeria, leading to most businesses using diesel generators for most of the day. However, advances in technology have made it economical for commercial and industrial customers alike to switch to cleaner hybrid solar power solutions. We are very happy that Unity Bank has decided to be at the forefront of this development and work together with Daystar Power, to provide cleaner and economical power solutions to its branch network."

All right. Thanks, Christian. Shame about your boring name, but it's not your fault, is it?

Right, uh ... let me have a short break, blog fan(s).