Wednesday, 21 November 2018

Oh, another, uh ... fund has been launched

Okay, okay. Let's, uh ... / Well, well ... well. / Well, well ... well. / Well, well ... well. / Well - 'Boss!' What, Voice? 'Are you going to keep saying ... well, well, well ... ?' Ha! You're at it now, man! 'Uh.' Ha! And it was "well, well ... well", by the way. There was a pause after the second "well" each time. 'Okay. And is that important?!' Er, Harold Pinter would think so.

Oh, before we start with the PR email about this, uh ... new fund, dear reader(s), I can just tell you that my blankets have arrived, and they do a brilliant job of sound-proofing, for the recordings, like. 'I'm sure the readers are really interested, boss.' Yes, I'm sure, too. The blankets won't keep out the screams of a raving lunatic in the street, but ... how often do I get that? 'Where you live?' Yes. 'I would say three or four times a night.' Yes. But I can work around that. Three or four times, man. It's not a problem. / Anyway ...

LONDON, 20th November 2018 - Cooper Creek Partners ("Cooper Creek") and ML Capital are pleased to announce the launch of the Cooper Creek Partners North America Long Short Equity UCITS Fund on the MontLake UCITS Platform. With day one assets in excess of $110M USD, it will be one of the largest Alternative UCITS Fund launches year-to-date. MontLake is a leading independent platform for UCITS funds that provides investors with access to a range of Irish-domiciled liquid, transparent and regulated investment funds.

The Cooper Creek Partners North America Long Short Equity UCITS Fund seeks to generate attractive absolute returns, non-correlated to equity market performance, by investing in a portfolio of high conviction ideas with a low net exposure. Cooper Creek employs a catalyst-driven, value-oriented approach to investing in small/mid-cap, under-the-radar and/or out-of-favour North American companies with the potential for transformational change.

Under the radar? Out of favour? Isn't there normally a reason for that? Whatever!

The fund will be led and managed by Managing Member and Portfolio Manager Rob Schwartz, who founded Cooper Creek Partners in 2008. Rob has over 17 years of institutional investment experience and a proven track record of generating alpha on the long and short side in both up and down markets. Matt Sherwood and A.J Strasser, senior investment professionals at Cooper Creek, will support Rob with the strategy.

Okay, okay. No endorsement, obviously. However ... 'You wish them all the best with it.' Well, why wouldn't I? It's just a shame that Cyril and Rob don't want to say anything about the new fund. I'm very disappointed. 'What's this then? -'

Cyril Delamare, CEO of ML Capital says: "We are delighted to be partnering with Cooper Creek in the launch of their UCITS fund, which will form part of our actively distributed fund range. The fund will complement our existing offerings to investors via their low net, alpha focused approach, delivered via rigorous bottom up fundamental research and a track record of absolute returns on both the long and short side."

All right. Well done, Voice. You managed to drag our Cyril out of bed and get him to talk about the fund. But where's Rob? He's the one I really wanted to hear from. You're useless, Voice! Why do I even employ you?

Rob Schwartz, Portfolio Manager and Founder at Cooper Creek Partners says: "We are excited to be partnering with MontLake to bring our 10-year track record of uncorrelated returns focused on long and short North American catalyst driven small/mid cap securities to European investors in a UCITS format."

'Ha! You see, boss? I'm not as useless as you think.' Okay. Fair enough. Maybe you'll get a Christmas bonus now. 'What about some wages?' Don't push your luck.

Oh, dear reader(s) ... Christ! I had to correct some of the spelling and punctuation, which is something I just love doing with PR emails. I mean, it's not as if I'm a busy man, is it?

Okay, laters!