Tuesday, 18 June 2019

Canadian finance

Makes a nice change, don't it?

NEW YORK - June 18, 2019 - INTL FCStone Inc. (NASDAQ: INTL) today announced that its subsidiary, INTL FCStone Financial (Canada) Inc. ("INTL" or "the Company"), has become a member of the Investment Industry Regulatory Organization of Canada (IIROC). This membership, effective May 17, 2019, allows INTL to offer exchange-traded financial products throughout the Canadian Provinces.

Yeah, it's a PR email. Announced in New York, obviously, but it's Canadian stuff. Which makes a nice change. Don't it?

I'd love to arrange an interview for you with Ernesto Rambaldini, CEO, INTL FCStone Financial (Canada) Inc, who'll be able to provide you with some additional color on what this approval means for INTL FCStone. If you'd like to speak with Ernesto, please let me know and I'd be happy to arrange that for you.

No, no. That's all right, Kev. Really. / Can you imagine me interviewing a CEO, dear reader(s)? I mean, for real, like. 'Ha! It would definitely be an experience, boss.' Yes, it would be, Voice. Definitely.

But I don't need to talk with him. Look! -

Commenting on today's news, Ernesto Rambaldini, CEO, INTL FCStone Financial (Canada) Inc., said, "We are already reaching over one million acres of farmland in Western Canada through our Know-Risk™ Crop Marketing services in conjunction with our strategic partner Decisive Farming. We also have a significant footprint providing commercial grain companies with various hedging services. This new membership will allow us to provide a more holistic offering to these agricultural producers as well as other commercial players in need of risk management tools. Additionally, our services will cater to institutional investors which include pension funds, hedge funds, index funds, and CTAs looking for exposure in the commodity space."

Okay, okay. Fair enough. 'Why don’t you ask Ernesto for some additional color, boss? Phone him!' No! Jesus H. - ! I've got everything I need. Kevin's done a great job.


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