Tuesday, 11 June 2019

Talking about the weather with Euan Munro

Well, dear reader(s), I'm so concerned about all this rain we're getting that I phoned the chief executive of Aviva Investors, Euan Munro, late last night. This is what was spoken between us ...

Hi, Mikey! You all right? Yeah, I'm all right, Euan. We haven't spoken in a while. I guess you're phoning about the weather. Ha! Yeah, it's shocking. How do you feel about it? Well, I'm not too worried, actually. I think we'll get a really nice July and August. Just a gut feeling, obviously. Okay. But you, and, uh ... the Aviva Investors mob aren't in the park yet, are you? Oh, no. We're still in the pub most days. Still drinking Stella? Of course! Great! You've written a song about it, haven't you? Eh? Er ... no. That's not about lager, Euan. Oh. No, it's about this hot chick who's really into me. So I thought I would write a song for her, to keep her happy, like. Smart move, Mikey! Yeah. Tell me, are you going to St Ives? I'm not paying top dollar for this weather, man. I refuse! Okay. Well, go next month. It might be all booked up by then. Jesus! Just buy a new guitar, Mikey. Yeah, I might.

[Then we spoke business for a while, if you can believe that. / 'Ha, ha, ha! Don't believe it, reader(s)!' Shut up, Voice!]

Yeah, I might buy a new guitar, kook(s). There's this Yamaha electro acoustic A3R that you can get for roughly £830. It's a beautiful guitar, and definitely a big step up from my FG730S. But I don't know. I'm not made of money, you dig?

My new tune? Well, I've been jamming it around, man. I got some more melody, and more chords. The rhythm is sort of coming together. It could be a massive mid-tempo rock song. Ah, it's early days yet.


Anything else? Politics? The Tory leadership thing? 'Ha!' Those cats are crazy! Everything they say is utter shit. 'It's like they're on drugs or something, boss.' Well, I wouldn't like to say, Voice. They certainly seem confused though.

Okay, okay. Later(s), blog and pop fan(s)!