Monday, 10 June 2019

Should I turn this blog into a music and self-help blog?

Oh, I don't know. I just don't know. I can tell you ... I'm fed up with writing about finance, man. You dig? I haven't received any decent PR emails lately, anyway. Why?! I wouldn't be surprised if some square(s) has taken me off their database of bloggers/journalists. Well, it's their loss, if that's the case. Their clients won't thank them for denying them the opportunity of immortality. Do you know what I mean, dear reader(s)? I hope so.

The truth is, they don't deserve me. And I shouldn't even be doing this. The sooner I'm a rock star, the better.

Oh, self-help? I'm listening to Grant Cardone's The 10X Rule again. I wish I could stick to one audiobook. Maybe I'll stick to this one. It's the best thing for getting pumped up and avoiding negative thoughts, baby.

St Ives? Don't make me laugh. It's still raining! I thought we were promised a long hard summer of hellish sunshine. Just my luck, eh?

Music? My music? That new tune from last week? I haven't been able to develop it yet. So, but ... never mind. It's okay. The Stella tune ... new angel music!!! ... uh, the blackout fragment, gave me a lot of trouble at first.

I am desperate though. I really need ten world-beaters. No one else has got ten, BUT(!) ... I want to start off with ten, and then build from there. Yes, I'm insane, I suppose ... ??? Well, well, that's one way of looking at it. Personally, I think it's a blessing. My God-given, my cosmos-given attitude. It's too much for some. That's why I've never been successful in any job I've ever had. "Michael, we want you to do such and such. It's important to the company." ... It ain't important to me, son.

Watch this video, kook(s)! Sure, it's a nasty achievement - as all military achievements are - but it's fucking mind-blowing! In my eyes, anyway. In my heart, and my soul. What firm could offer me such an opportunity? Tell me!

I can't watch things like that and then settle for a normal life. I just can't do it. Sorry.

Here's a pro tip: Make your own opportunities for yourself as an individual. Maybe a team will follow you. Maybe not. But you are the ONE!!!

Tesla? And don't worry about Tesla. No, no, no. Obviously, I know NOTHING(!!!) about business. Ha, ha, ha! Don't come to me for business or financial advice. NO - !!! / However, I do know something about Musk ... the way I know something about Caesar, and the way I know something about MYSELF.


Yes, yes, yes! I probably am insane ... in your eyes ... ? Do I care? Absolutely not. Let me enlighten you: Insanity is better. It's better than any bland sanity the world is offering you. You want self-help? You want my help? Listen to me, you mofo(s)!

Uh, uh. LISTEN TO ME - !!! Derange yourself! Please! Rimbaud deranged himself for five years.

Unfortunately, he didn't have the balls to continue with it. So, he got sensible, and he got ill, and he died. Now people look back at Rimbaud's life, and they only care about those five years of derangement. Christ! The moral of the story? Go nuts! Without those years, he would be totally unknown today. He gave the squares a war they didn't believe. Remember that, reader(s).