Wednesday, 5 June 2019

What is Neil Woodford doing?!

Well, he's suspended his largest fund, his flagship fund, the Woodford Equity Income fund, so that investors can't get their money out or put money in. And he's apologized for it, actually.

Oh, it all sounds fair enough.

According to the BBC ... The Financial Conduct Authority, the city watchdog, said: "The FCA is aware of this situation and in contact with the firms involved to ensure that actions undertaken are in the best interests of all the fund's investors."

Well, well ... / These things happen, I suppose.

So, uh ... I'll just say ... good luck to everyone involved! And good luck to Neil, too!


Anything else? No, not much. [ ... ... ... ] Eh? I've given you the biggest financial news of the week. And you still want more? Seriously?

Listen! Maybe you should have a word with yourself, dear reader(s). I don't know what's going on in finance. I don't care what’s going on in finance. And even if I knew what was going on ... I wouldn't understand it. You dig?

Jesus H. Christ - !!!

People need to start leaving me alone so that I can focus on the important things in life.

Okay, okay. Most of the heavy blogging is done for this week. It's music that matters now.

Cornwall? I might go soon, rain or shine. I'm man enough to cope with a bit of rain, FFS! 'Oh, but don't you want one last lovely summer fandango, boss ... before rock and roll fame claims you?' Ha, ha, ha! Yes, Voice, I could go in July ... but will I even find a room then?

Yes, yes. It's music that matters now. I want a better Yamaha acoustic guitar, an electro acoustic. But if I buy one, I won't be able to go to Cornwall. I'm not made of money like some.


A thought ...

Too many people are looking for solutions to temporary problems. But the thing is, those problems will disappear when the human race disappears. So there's NOTHING(!) to worry about, really, when you think of it like that.