Wednesday, 12 June 2019

I had a PR email lined up ...

But, er ... 'What's the problem, boss?' Well, I looked at it again this morning, Voice. 'And?' And the PR guy says if I want to cover this story I should let him know. 'Ha, ha, ha!' Yes. Which is a big fucking no, no, for me, BECAUSE(!) ... I don't want people looking over my shoulder, man, saying: "Why the fuck are you writing that?! Are you crazy?!"

Yes, I'm crazy. Deal with it!


Anything else, dear reader(s)? Music? My music? [What else is there?] I've gone off that new tune of mine. It would make a good song, probably a bread-and-butter classic, as I like to call them, BUT(!) ... I don't need that shit at the moment, you dig? I need world-beaters, man! / In The 10X Rule, Grant Cardone says you've got to dominate your sector, not compete within it. Now, the five world-beaters I already have will make a big impact on the music business, sure, BUT(!) ... TEN(!!!) will mean that I dominate it, baby.

Here's a list of world-beaters from living songwriters with the release dates -

Like A Rolling Stone [Dylan, 1965]

Yesterday [McCartney, 1965]
Hey Jude [McCartney, 1968]
Let It Be [McCartney, 1970]

Bridge Over Troubled Water [Simon, 1970]

Your Song [John/Taupin, 1970]

Stairway To Heaven [Plant/Page, 1971]

Hotel California [Felder/Henley/Frey(dead), 1976]

One [U2, 1991]

Live Forever [N. Gallagher, 1994]
Wonderwall [N. Gallagher, 1995]
Don't Look Back In Anger [N. Gallagher, 1995]

So, uh ... What do you notice, dear reader(s)? Well, you should notice that it's all fucking ancient history, son! Daughter! Are you digging me on this?


Maybe I'm the saviour of rock and roll. The one that Jim Morrison - oh, wandering in his endless desert night!!! - promised us would come. ['Is that true, boss?' No, I made it up. Ha!]


Oh, listen ... I will stop writing about music and personal stuff soon. You've been warned. 'Why, Mikey?! Why?!' Ha! Well, I want the end of this blog (er, or the front) to be finance and conceptual posts only. So that when I'm a rock star ... that's all people will see, you dig? Only freaks and loons will go deep into the archive.


One more thing: I'm only listening to The 10X Rule audiobook from now on, and not going back to the Vance/Musk one. It keeps me positive and all pumped up, and Cardone's phrases really stick in my mind - which is what I want and need.


Okay, okay. Laters!