Thursday, 6 June 2019

No title for this one

I couldn't think of a title. It doesn't matter.

Yes, it's the last post of the week. Yippee!

Okay, okay. I keep looking at BBC Weather for St Ives, and they keep changing their minds. Let's be honest, man, these people have absolutely no idea what is going on with the weather. They just put little rain symbols on their website at random, and then take them off again. For kicks! That's all.

I might as well play some music ...

Bob Dylan's 115th Dream. Bob Dylan. / Dylan's funniest story song.

Gloria. Them. / A classic garage band song.

I Love L.A. Randy Newman. / The third best song about California. But I like it more than second best Hotel California.

Ah, that's enough music. I'm not in the mood for listening to music this morning.


Someone said yesterday, no, Monday, uh, I can't remember who, or when, let me, uh ... Cathie Wood, yes, a fund manager. Anyway, that Tesla might be worth four thousand dollars a share by 2023 or 2024. Or even more! / Would that make our Elon the richest person in the world, combined with SpaceX? Yeah, I suppose. Oh, good luck to him! That's what I say.

I think you've got to start young though, if you want to be a billionaire. I don't know what my chances are now. I'm not even materialistic, so ... 'Neither is Elon, boss.' Well, Voice, he adds value to the world with his cars and rockets, and then gets rewarded.

Maybe if I wrote fifty world-beater songs ... ?(!) However, you need to own the publishing rights as well. I won't own the rights straight off because I'll have to do a deal with a music publisher. Maybe once I'm established, I'll start my own firm.


By the way, I'm not writing about music no more. Or personal stuff.