Monday, 17 June 2019


What's this?! ... you might be wondering, dear reader(s). Well, wonder no more!

Hi Michael,

You are officially invited to ALTSO's highly anticipated Rocktoberfest-London on Wednesday, 19th June, kicking off at 7pm at 8 Northumberland.

The event will host live bands made of financial industry professionals rocking on stage to raise money for the charity's mission to provide high-quality prosthetic limbs, orthotic devices, and wheelchairs to children in the developing world. So if you are looking for a great networking opportunity or to let your hair down with the industry peers, it will be a night to remember (there will be an open bar so it could be a night you can't remember).

Okay, okay. Er ... 'Are you going, boss?' I can't, Voice. 'Why not? It's sounds like your sort of thing, man.' I'm busy, son. 'Oh.' I'm always busy. Christ!

London - 14 June 2019 - ALTSO's highly anticipated Rocktoberfest-London is less than one week away as the charity begins to kick off festivities this week. The event, 19 June at 8 Northumberland, will host live bands made of financial industry professionals rocking on stage to raise money for the charity's mission.

That's more or less a repeat of the first bit of the email, but that's fine. I enjoy repetition. / So, finance professionals rocking on stage? It sounds great. Where's my guitar? Oh, unfortunately, I'm not a finance professional, so I can't join them. 'What?! You're the world's foremost financial shaman, boss!' Yes, of course I am. I forgot. Ha! / Anyway, let's hear from Laurence ...

Laurence Parry, Tax Partner and Financial Services specialist at Kreston Reeves, commented, "We are proud to support ALTSO in providing accounting and tax support to their UK charity; enabling them to continue their groundbreaking work across the developing world, bringing free orthopaedic care to children with limb disabilities whose families cannot afford treatment. We are looking forward to another great Rocktoberfest in London on the 19 June!"

Okay, okay. I hope everyone has a nice time. It's all for a good cause and everything.


Anything else? Uh. Politics? Man, every time I see Dominic Raab on TV these days he's always smiling like a really friendly shark. Who advised him to do that?

Oh, guess what! I've found someone who works harder than Elon Musk. Her name is Danielle Steel, and she's written 179 books. Apparently, she works twenty-two hours a day, seven days a week. Crazy! / I doubt that her books are my cup of tea, but it's impressive all the same. Maybe I should work like that for a couple of months to get those other world-beater songs I want.

St Ives? The weather is still pretty average, kook(s). I mean, not the glorious summer I was hoping for, you dig? You've got to think about the return on your investment in situations like this. Cornwall is so expensive these days. Maybe I should save my money.

What else? Anything else? No, no, no. NO! There's nothing else. I'll be writing a conceptual later, obviously.

Bye for now!