Wednesday, 8 January 2020

Yeah, yeah

Yeah, yeah ...

Well, just some stuff on my mind, kook(s). I don't want to write about finance today. Actually, I'm going to stop writing about personal stuff and music stuff, and just concentrate on finance stuff - and conceptual stuff, of course, maybe with no "I"s or "You"s, like yesterday's No. 769. But today ... this, yes, yes.

I've got to buy a new laptop. I don't want to buy a new laptop. I'm going to get the cheapest one for £250, BUT(!) ... I don't want it. I would rather save my money or put it towards a new guitar, you dig? So, why am I going to buy a new laptop? Because Windows 7 is coming to an end next week. I still use Windows 7, and there's absolutely NOTHING wrong with it. I can't afford to buy new laptops for fun, man. Do you know what I mean?

Listen! I'm not sure about the audiobooks at the moment. Goggins or Vance/Musk? Goggins is all about becoming an unbreakable person, mentally, emotionally, physically. Vance/Musk is all about achieving things in the world. So, I don't know. [Tesla is going from strength to strength, and our Elon is worth over $27 billion.] The funny thing is, I haven't had time recently to listen to any audiobook properly because I've been so into my music when I'm not blogging. Christ. I've got problems, too. I feel just like Julius Caesar at the Battle of Alesia. Do you know what I mean?

What else? World War Three? The one good thing about Donald Trump is ... he's so freakin' nuts and unstable that no adversary - like Iran - wants to push him too far. That missile attack last night didn't seem to do much damage, so ... the apocalypse is postponed. Which is nice, ain't it?

Right. Let's play some tunes!

Bessie Smith. The Band. / From The Basement Tapes.

Editions of You. Roxy Music. / When they were crazy, not smooth.

Red Sails. David Bowie.

Political Science. Randy Newman.

(It's Good) To Be Free. Oasis. / One of their great B-sides.

Ah, that's enough.


Anything else? Yeah. Yeah. I've decided that I don't like the sound of fresh guitar strings no more. So there's no harm in my rehearsing a lot now while I'm getting ready to record. As long as the strings don't go dead. But I'm a long way from that. / Man, I wish I had a £3,000 Martin acoustic! Or even a new Yamaha, £800 or so. Ha! I'm getting a laptop I don't want. Never mind.