Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Geoff Grant: just like a phoenix

Breaking news. Geoff Grant is just like a phoenix. Who the fuck is Geoff Grant? Geoff Grant is one of the founders of Peloton Partners. Peloton's ABS fund turned to shit a while back - falling from $2 billion to nothing in only two weeks. But that hasn't put Mr Grant off. He's back! Like a phoenix rising from the ashes, or like that Lazarus character coming back to life. Or was that Frankenstein's monster? I'm getting confused. Anyway, he is going to launch a new hedge fund in September. It will be called LiquidMacro. Nice name.

But let Geoff explain. He told me in an exclusive interview: 'Oh, it was amazing. Absolutely amazing. I was floating above my body, and I heard voices calling me. Saying things like - Geoff, we are angels and we love you, come and join us. You know the sort of thing. But then I started thinking - no, it's not my time. I want to start a new hedge fund. And then out of nowhere the name LiquidMacro entered my head. It was like a gift from God, a gift from the angels, a gift from holy Jesus H. Christ himself. And I was in tears, man. I mean, I was really fucking crying. Bawling my eyes out. It was the joy. I knew I was alive. I knew I wasn't going to pass over. And I knew that my new hedge fund would be a success. So, here I am, alive and well. I'm full of energy and just looking forward to the launch in September.'

What a great guy! I wish him all the best.