Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Maan al Sanea: frozen money!

This is the first I have heard of it. But as soon as I heard of it. Which is right now. Yes, right now I hear of it. Voices out of the desert? O my child, what do you think, man? Maan al Sanea - such a groovy name, maaaaaaaaaaaaaan!!! - has had all his money frozen!

This is an outrage!

Only yesterday I was speaking, Louie Louie was speaking, of the hot, sticky money that loves us in the desert of our dreams. O Master, the money that we love! Yes! Yes! Yes! Now this: Maan has bills to pay. $800,000 a month! BUT $9.2 BILLION OF HIS HARD-EARNED CASH has been stolen! Frozen? Whatever. But he can't get his hands on the money.

CHARLES BAUDELAIRE HAS SOMETHING TO SAY!!!: And yet among the jackals, panthers, hounds, the monkeys, serpents, vultures, scorpions, the beasts which howl and growl and crawl and scream and in our heinous zoo of sins -

Button it, Charlie boy! We ain't got time for your shit.

O Master, Maan has a zoo, man!


O Big Herb, please unfreeze Maan's money. He is a good lad. He is one of us. Please help him. Bless him with sticky money. Let a million suns burn the money into his face. Then we will all be able to sing and dance together in the desert of our dreams. Astral, physical, metaphysical muthas together as one!

Amen. Or rather - fuckin' A!