Wednesday, 15 December 2010

FSA fines and bans William James Coppin and Perry John Bliss

"Gentlemen, this script does not exist."

Reader(s), this post does not exist. This FSA post or page (or whatever it is) does not exist. What an exciting world we live in! I was immediately attracted to the story of stockbrokers William and Perry and their adventures with Provexis as soon as the words "Gentlemen, this script does not exist" entered my consciousness.

'Over the next two days, Coppin and Bliss made a series of calls to clients in which they disclosed that Provexis plc was going to announce a major contract shortly which would make its share price increase substantially. Using this inside information, they encouraged some of their clients to buy Provexis plc shares.'

The script did not exist, but still they went ahead. No fear! Can you believe this?

William and Perry should be given medals for their bravery. Why has the FSA fined and banned them?