Thursday, 11 October 2012

Jerica Capital, well ...

Well, well ... / As you can imagine, I'm sure, it's another hedge fund that doesn't exist - yet. However, that doesn't bother a man like Warren Ashenmil. He's going to make it exist, next year. / Obviously, he's another one of these visionaries we've heard so much about. Jerica is going to debut with $100 million. It's going to focus on commercial mortgage-backed securities and some other stuff. Great! I'm looking forward to it.

Warren needs staff. I don't know what sort. Probably not financial shamans. / A lot of shamans are getting out of the game now. They're tired of all the vulgarians, philistines, and general - excuse my French - ['Du jour? You phoney git!'] fuckheads ['Oh, "fuckheads". Sorry, Mikey.'] they have to deal with on a daily basis. They don't have my staying power. A shame, really. / And I know a few of them blame me. They say I've made finance seem more attractive than it really is. Well, this is a work of literature. Poetic licence and all that. I can't help it if people take my writing literally. Christ!

I've got an egg sandwich today. Some crisps. A yoghurt. A can of Pepsi. I prefer Coke, but there was a special offer in the supermarket. / I'll be working on No. 62 later, after lunch. Feels like deja vu, doesn't it? Never mind. C'est la vie.