Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Who is this Noah Freeman?

Well, he used to be a trader at SAC Capital Advisors, but then he went squealing to the Feds, telling them stories about Steve Cohen. He reckons traders at SAC Capital were expected to pass on inside information to Stevie. / Jesus H. Christ! Where are Kid Creole and the Coconuts when you need them?

I'm shocked. Who knew this sort of thing went on in hedge funds? (If we can believe Noah. A big IF.) And does it still go on? That's why I tried to get everyone on the astral plane. Too late now though. Never mind. I'm sure there'll be a happy ending. 'What are you going on about, Mikey?' That's enough from you, Voice. I'm not in the mood. Don't question me. My business is my business, you dig? 'Yeah. You're a law unto yourself, man.'

I do what I want to do, and say what I want to say. The truth is, I'm only happy when I'm going a-ROUND these days. That will be my happy ending, going a-ROUND forever. / Posts like this are trash posts. I'm letting off steam, jive talking. I'll never write another immortal words or disintegration of someone who is not Felix Salmon. I've moved on, into the future, all conceptual, a-ROUND, gone, beyond the THREE!!!

No. 59 coming up later, after lunch. I can't wait. No. 60 tomorrow - great! That's the life! / One day, there'll be none of this. There'll be no mention of finance. It's my dream. / But I've got to deliver the songs first, gotta ship. I'm mentally preparing myself for the weekend, getting ready to do battle with the lizard brain.

 I am the lizard king. I can do anything.