Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Bogdan Popovici has gone to Schroders

Yeah, man. 'What for, Mikey?' Well, for a job, of course. He's left Wellington Management to be a global fixed income fund manager at ... Schroders. / Oh, don't bother going to his LinkedIn page. All you'll get is Bogdan smiling at you. Is that what you want? Bogdan Popovici, smiling at you? 'He's got a lovely smile, boss.' Shut up, Voice. / No, there's no useful information. It just says "Financial Services". And there's this picture of Bogdan, smiling at you. 'I got shivers down my spine, Mikey.' Yes, I'm sure you have. (He ain't got a spine, reader(s). He ain't got a body.) / Actually, you have to sign in. If you sign in, you might get Bogdan's full profile. 'Great!' (Un?)fortunately, I'm not a member of this LinkedIn stuff. I can't see the point. It looks like a Facebook for squares. And Facebook is bad enough.


No more finance today, thank holy Jesus H. Christ and the Mary Chain!!! I'll be working on a conceptual after lunch, non-financial. 'No. 127?' You never know, Voice.

I'm in a very positive mood today. I don't want finance bringing me down. One day, soon, I'll be more than THREE of this shit.

I burned one of my songs to a CD yesterday. I've been sitting on this acoustic demo for over a year. I was afraid it would sound a bit crap on a proper CD player, but it sounds cool, man. It sounds like a massive hit, in fact. It would sound even better recorded properly with a band. / I'm wondering if I should really give this song away. I don't know. One thing I do know: No publisher will turn this song down. Not unless they have severe psychological problems. 'You mean unless they're nuts, Mikey.' I mean unless they're nuts, Voice. That's precisely what I mean.