Monday, 24 March 2014

Fang, Fang is leaving JPMorgan

Sad. Yeah. I think it's for the best though. / People have been giving Fang, Fang grief about JPMorgan's hiring practices in China. Sons and daughters of officials, you can imagine. 'Can I?' (Fang, Fang is the chief executive for China investment banking, by the way. 'Oh.') I remember when Louie, Louie told me that he didn't want to be a bartender no more. I said to him, "Do what you want to do, son. Life is short." 'And what about Gilly, Gilly, Mikey?' Gilly, Gilly will always be my angel, Voice. I think she's happy doing what she does. She's surrounded by idiots in that fucking zoo they call a newspaper. But it's her choice. 'She no doubt gets a kick out of it.' I don't know, man.


Anything else, on a sunny Monday morning? 'It's cold, boss.' Yeah. Why do you care? / Er, well, I've found a website, What Goes On, dedicated to Beatles recording mistakes. It's making me feel a bit better about all my recording mistakes. / If you listen to Hey Jude at 2.58, you can hear someone (probably McCartney after playing the wrong chord on the piano) say "Fucking hell!" 'Fucking hell, Mikey!' Yeah. And if you listen to Let It Be at 1.07, you can hear George Harrison whisper "Stop it, John." Fascinating stuff! / 'And if you listen to Gilly, Gilly ...' Kids in the street, man. Digging the groove, you dig?


Louie, Louie - ? Well, I don't think the lyrics are as obscene as the Feds thought they were, but the drummer (in The Kingsmen) does seem to say "Fuck!" after the second chorus. He made a mistake, too - with his sticks, apparently. / BUT THAT'S THE CRAZY WORLD OF ROCK AND ROLL. And you're working in a bank or a hedge fund, dear reader(s). Are you sure you don't want to join my band?


Er ... 'Mikey, Mikey!' Shut up, Voice. You're not funny. / Lunch? Too early for lunch, but I'm starving.

Maybe one day scholars will go through this blog looking for all the "mistakes" of the Voice. Or maybe they won't bother.