Sunday, 16 March 2014

There ain't no finance on a sunny Sunday afternoon

I don't care what anyone says. 'No, boss?' No, Voice. There ain't no finance on a sunny Sunday afternoon, son. And that's the way it should be. If you're in the office today, dear reader(s), think about what you're doing with your life. Please.

Also, there won't be any finance tomorrow. 'What?! Are you serious?' I'm taking the day off. I suggest you do the same. 'Me?' The reader(s). Maybe forever. Why don't you buy a guitar? 'Me? I ain't got no hands!' The reader(s), fool!

So, so, so ... er. / Yeah, I'll be going around (a-ROUND? no) the shops in London on Monday. Relaxing, having a nice time, in the sunshine (hopefully) before my fresh start on Tuesday. 'Oh, not another fresh start, Mikey!' Yes, another one. And I'm serious this time, man. That Prince book has given me a new determination. / I've finished it, by the way, dear reader(s). It was good for facts and figures. A bit bizarre in places though. 'Why?' Well, one example: the writer ends by raving about Prince's deal with Target (a discount store in America) like it's the greatest achievement of Prince's life. / But there's lots of good stuff in the book about Prince's work ethic. Like how he once worked a forty-hour weekend - which was his idea of taking it easy, because at other times he would work for three days without any sleep and hardly any breaks.

My music? 'Yeah, go on.' I haven't tried recording You're Lying lately. However, I'm thinking my guitar skills may be up to the job now, so I'll try again this week. It's not just the guitar playing, you know. It's being able to sing decently at the same time as well. And avoiding mistakes, background noises, that sort of thing. / Note: I reckon You're Lying is better than any of Prince's songs. It's not all about performance, you dig?

Er ... what else? / 'Nothing.' Nothing, nothing else. I'll stop writing, you'll stop reading ... Let us let go of it all!!!