Monday, 24 March 2014

Gabriel Plotkin wants his own hedge fund

Christ! Give me a break! / Yeah, I'm sick of these characters who want their own hedge funds. (Are you one of them, dear reader{{s}}?!) There's more to life than having your own hedge fund, okay?! Look out the window, man! It's a beautiful sunny day. You could be in the park ... eating an ice cream. You could be improving your bass guitar skills ... getting ready to join my band. / Jesus! Please!

Anyway, who is this Gabriel Plotkin? Oh, he's just some guy who works for Stevie as a portfolio manager. Stevie's going to give Gabby some money when he leaves, a few dollars for ... a new pair of shoes. 'Eh?' / So ... / Is there anything else you need to know, dear reader(s)? 'Mikey -' You probably know more about this shit than me. 'Not really.' I mean, you probably read about it on the Reuters website. 'No. I didn't.' I don't know. And I don't care.

It goes without saying that Gabby - 'Gabby?!' - yeah, it, er, what was I ... yeah, it doesn't need to be said. 'What doesn't?' That, this, er, hedge fund doesn't have a name, you know, the usual pie ... 'Pie?' In ... 'The sky?' Yeah. 'He'll get a name for it, this Gabriel. They all get a name in the end.' Do they? A lot of the time I don't bother to ... check up. It's just an endless stream ...

Obviously, it goes without saying that I wish Mr Plotkin all the best. I'm not going to be a bastard and say that I want the hedge fund to fail. (I would never do that.) It's just ... you know. I get tired of saying it ... you know how I feel by now, surely?

This ... / It's a ... it's a real struggle for me. My head's all over the place this afternoon. I was ... / I've been looking at guitars online. Oh, I know a good workman doesn't blame his tools, but maybe I need a better guitar ... / Maybe I should switch to piano/keyboards. It's easier. I was always ... 'Life on Mars? - ?' Yeah, exactly. / Real easy. And The Jean Genie. 'Nice. Oh, I like The Jean Genie, boss.' We all like The Jean Genie, Voice. It's not jazz though.