Monday, 20 November 2017

Aster has raised €240 million in capital ...

What for?! ... you're wondering, dear reader(s). 'Yeah, what for, boss? Why does he need so much money?' It's not a "he", Voice, you idiot! It's a firm. Look -

Aster is a venture capital company managing €500 million through multiple funds raised with major corporations and institutional players. A specialist in digital transformation and new industrial models, Aster funds growing companies in energy, mobility and industry. Using its "Business Hub" approach, the team works with entrepreneurs, enabling them to access corporate investor networks and markets at the global level. Aster operates in all the main innovation hubs, with offices in Paris, San Francisco, Peckham, and Tel Aviv, and draws on partner funds in China and Africa.

Er, I added the "Peckham" bit for a laugh, like. Not all readers will get it. 'Is it a joke, boss?' Yes, Voice, it's a joke. FFS! / Anyway ...

With €240 million in capital raised, Aster brings its total funds under management to €500 million and strengthens its position as a central player in financing innovation. A specialist in digital transformation and industries of the future, the investment company provides support to growing companies in the sectors of energy, mobility and industry.

That's nice. But what does Mr Bally say about it? 'Jean-Marc, boss? Bloody hell! I bet he's delighted, ain't he?' Yes, Voice. Yes, he is.

Jean-Marc Bally, Managing Partner at Aster, shared his delight "with this remarkable operation, which proves all the confidence our subscribers have in Aster's unique model and in the vitality of venture capital in France".

Er ... did they just get half the quote? 'Who sent you this?!' I don't know. Sonia or Nick. 'Who are they?' I don't know, man. / Anyway ...

The funds will be invested primarily in Europe and the United States, with potential for action in Asia. Aster covers all the world's major innovation hubs, with offices in Paris, San Francisco and Tel Aviv, as well as a presence in China and Africa, through partner funds.

And Peckham! Don't forget Peckham. 'That's a joke, reader(s).' Yes, they know. They know. / Anyway, let's finish with Mr Lancellotti. 'Our Fabio? Oh, is he delighted, too?' I have absolutely no idea.

According to Fabio Lancellotti, Partner at Aster, "the transformations underway in the energy and mobility value chains are creating opportunity for budding companies, as well as for industrials. We want to energize the sector by combining our strengths through our 'Business Hub' approach".

And that's it! ENDS - as they say in the trade.


Anything else? No.

Later(s), crocodile(s)!