Thursday, 2 November 2017

BlackGold Capital Management has raised $165 million!

Well, that's not bad, is it? $165 million has been raised. I wonder what for, though. 'Their new fund, boss.' Oh, you mean BlackGold Private Energy Partners II, Voice? 'Yeah.' Yes, I thought it might be something like that. I've never heard of BlackGold Capital before. No doubt they're over in America somewhere. 'Houston, Texas, boss.' Thanks, man. / Christ! It's a shame I don't have any British firms to write about. But are there actually any British firms left? 'I suppose all the ones that survived the Brexit vote have gone to Frankfurt.' Maybe. I'm sure Aviva Investors is still around. I really should check what they're getting up to, dear reader(s). 'It's quite chilly today, boss.' Yes, it is. The Aviva Investors boys and girls will be in the pub already, huddled around the open fire - if it's one of those pubs. 'They'll probably be eating a cooked breakfast.' If they're in Wetherspoons they will, certainly. 'Then they'll be straight on the Stellas, or the Kronenbourgs.' Yes. The Stella is their usual drink, I think. / And what do I get? Jesus H. - !!! A mug of coffee. Not even time for a proper breakfast. I'll have a rushed lunch later, too, then back to work. What a life! 'Are you writing a conceptual later?' Yes, Voice. No. 559. You know how I like to spin.

Anyway, BlackGold ...

BlackGold Capital Management LP is an alternative investment firm focused on credit investments in the energy industry. Our team has decades of experience in finance and operations, expertise in energy, and extensive long-standing industry relationships.

Founded in 2006 by Erik Dybesland and Adam Flikerski, BlackGold Capital Management LP seeks to generate compelling returns for our investors by employing a deep fundamental research-driven approach in analyzing energy assets and capital structures.

That's from their website. / $165 million is very nice. Obviously, they could have got more ... 'If they were ambitious.' If they were ambitious. But $165 million is very nice. I don't think we should be too critical. They're going to invest all that money in energy, by the way. 'Good luck to them, I say!' Well, we wish them all the best.

Good luck, guys!


Anything else? Politics? Well, if you insist, reader(s). / Why do people still buy into the Conservative bullshit? It always ends the same way: an absolute bloody shambles! And this government is much worse than John Major's one.

But what do I care? I'm not of this world.