Wednesday, 12 September 2018

Ideology is bad

Oh, very bad! Left or Right. It don't matter, man. If you're thinking in one of those ways, you're probably not thinking at all. It's more likely that another person or a group of people are thinking for you, and you're just following them blindly. That's the beauty of ideology. Yes, it's bad, but it's attractive to people who don't like to think or can't think.

And if you are like that, Left or Right, Christ! ... I hope you're happy with being manipulated and enslaved. You can be sure that while you're spouting "your"[ha!] political nonsense, someone somewhere is getting rich and/or powerful out of your gullibility.

Also, ideology is distracting, man. It's meant to be. If you're right-wing and arguing with left-wing people all the time, or left-wing and arguing with right-wing people, the question is ... What aren't you doing? Well, if you're a business person you're not truly working on your business with the required focus. Or if you're an artist. Or whatever. And that's how the powers that be like it. You dig?

Please remember this: Ideology is designed to make you weak, and to make other people who are cleverer than you strong.


So what's the answer? You need to be apolitical, son! [Or daughter!] There are no politics in the grave, so pretend that you are already dead to this ridiculous world and then live fully for YOURSELF. / You can take a look at ideology, sure. There are truths in left-wing and right-wing philosophy. But don't fall into ideology. Do not immerse yourself in something that will dissolve your mind, your will, your very soul. Basically, it's a mug’s game. Are you a mug?