Wednesday, 5 September 2018

What's more important than electric cars?

Well, uh ... it's battery metals, according to Blackstone Resources. From a PR email I received yesterday -

The electric-vehicle (EV) revolution will emerge as a mixture of differing technologies, from hybrids to all-electric cars. These will be powered by an ever-evolving battery-metal-mix of cathodes.

But battery-metals don't mind what path the EV revolution takes. They don't mind which auto-maker wins and which one loses. Even the type of technology used is of little relevance. Aggregate demand for battery-metals will rise at an exponential rate.

This is why investors should look upstream and diversify across a number of battery metal interests like Blackstone Resources has. The final mix doesn't matter whether it's North American cobalt, rare earths from Norway, manganese from Peru or molybdenum from Mongolia.

Okay, okay. No investment advice, and no endorsements, obviously. You know the score, dear reader(s). These guys have just got a real hard-on for batteries. It takes all sorts to make a world, I suppose.

Personally, I think getting to Mars is more important than electric cars, you dig? But that's me.


So, yeah ... Tesla is getting some competition now. Mercedes-Benz has just announced its first all-electric car, the Mercedes-Benz EQC 400 4Matic SUV. People are saying that Tesla should be worried because of this car and other electric cars coming on to the market. Well, maybe it should. But you know what? Elon Musk shouldn't be worried. Electric cars wouldn't even be a thing without him. His legacy is secure.

Listen! What he needs to fucking do, our Elon, is get to Mars, man! I don't know how many times I've got to tell the crazy kid. (He's two years younger than me, after all.) Just get to Mars!

If Elon went to Mars, his critics wouldn't be able to say shit about him. What could they say? "Going to Mars is no big deal." ... ?!?! Nonsense! They would have to shut up forever. / Actually, he's in more trouble at the moment, sort of, after his latest comments on that diver. A lot of people are angry. Never mind. It's pretty entertaining. Elon Musk is like Donald Trump on acid.


By the way, I read a good article yesterday on forty-two employees working at Tesla. (I think it was Business Insider. But why forty-two?) Apparently, some workers love it, and some hate it. 'Just like at any other company, boss. Wow!' Yes, Voice. Ha! / There is one thing though. Elon works 120 hours a week BECAUSE(!) ... he gets all the money and all the glory, you dig? You can't expect his employees to have the same work ethic. I mean, where's the motivation? I wouldn't work that hard for anyone. However, I would do it for myself. So there's more motivational advice for you, dear reader(s): Look after NUMBER ONE!!!

Okay, okay. Laters!