Wednesday, 6 February 2008

Brian Pitman: Northern Rock investors have to face reality

Sir Brian Pitman, the man leading Virgin's bid for Northern Rock, has said that a takeover of the bank will not mean that there will be a gravy train for the consortium. He says that investors in the bank have to face up to reality.

Ah yes, but what reality? There are many realities in this world, and the next. Should investors face the reality of nine-to-five life, taking the kids to school, fish and chips for dinner, and a silly sitcom on the TV? Or is there something else? Is there a deeper and more confusing reality beneath or above everyday life? Is Sir Brian a mystic? Is he alluding to the world of spirit? Is he saying that a ghost could very well be sitting next to you on the train in the morning? Is he saying that? Is he saying that you should light a candle before you make any investment decisions? Maybe he is saying that you should never trust a lonely old woman living all alone in a small cottage in the woods. Who knows what he is saying? Who cares?