Thursday, 14 February 2008

I've got the flu like you won't believe

It's been a real struggle for me to write my blog this week because I've got the flu like you won't believe. I'm worried it might be bird flu. I haven't felt this bad since I had shaman's sickness when I first became a shaman many years ago. I think Carlos Castaneda wrote about shaman's sickness in his book The Teachings of Don Juan. Basically, to become a shaman you almost have to die. You get as close to the other side as you can, but without actually passing over. Well, that's what this week has been like. A nightmare.

And it has really screwed me up on the astral plane. I can't do business without the astral plane - it's more important than the internet - but there is no way I can show my face on the plane in my present condition. And various spirits have been trying to contact me. Have you ever tried to drink a Lemsip, while wrapped up in blankets, while sneezing all over the place, while coughing your lungs up, and while fighting off the advances of a ghost who wants to enter your body and pass on some hot financial news? It's really stressful.

Anyway, I'll be back on Monday next week.