Thursday, 17 April 2008

Oghma Partners: knowledge and eloquence

Two ex-Goldman analysts, Mark Lynch and Tim Potter, have gone into business for themselves by starting up a corporate finance firm - Oghma Partners. Joining them are John Spicer, Tracey Campbell, William Berrington, Chris Brooke, and Kevin O'Neill.

Oghma? I have been speaking with David Pitt - chief priest in the cult of Big Herb - and he told me, 'Oghma? Oh boy, don't get me started. This Oghma geezer is the Celtic god of knowledge and eloquence, and is a right twat. I've had dealings with him. When I was setting up the Big Herb cult I was approached by Oghma. He seemed okay at first, but he kept asking me all these questions about what Big Herb's intentions were, and how much knowledge Big Herb had of the City. I told him about Herb Finance and then he went mental. Accusing me of trying to infect the world of spirit with banking and finance. I said that was a bit rich coming from him because everyone knew he had been in talks with Lynch and Potter. Basically, he was jealous of Big Herb. In spiritual terms, Big Herb is the new kid on the block, and a lot of the old gods have had their noses put out of joint. Only Ganesh has shown any real support and enthusiasm for the emergence of Big Herb and the new creed of mystical capitalism. So be it. Big Herb knows who his friends are, and he is not at all worried about Oghma. Fuck him.'