Thursday, 3 July 2008

China clamps down on hot money

China announced a strengthening of capital controls yesterday in an attempt to limit the amount of hot money entering the economy. Good. The Chinese don't like hot money. But, let's be honest, who does?

Now, some of you may have no idea what hot money is. Let me explain. During the process of the mystical burning of money it is very difficult to control the temperature of the money. The money exists in your mind. It exists on the astral plane. It burns - for ever. However, sometimes in the hands of an inexperienced person the money can overheat. The flames are okay. Nothing wrong with flames. But you must keep an eye on the temperature. If the money gets too hot, the fire can spread beyond the actual money and into areas of your mind and your soul where neither fire nor money should be. In a worst-case scenario, it could even spread throughout the astral plane. Have you ever seen a ghost that has been burnt to a crisp? Well, I haven't, and it's not something I ever want to see.

China is doing the right thing. That country is just about getting to grips with normal capitalism. Mystical capitalism is something else. Obviously, China doesn't want to tempt fate by allowing hot money to burn out of control. It's all about control, you see. Look at the shamans. A financial shaman is a master of control. He can control money, the banking system, spirits, and himself. That's the really important thing. Self-control. Once you've got that, you're laughing.

One more thing. I think the Chinese are a very mystical people. Just think of all that I Ching shit. Mystical capitalism should be a piece of piss for them. Expect great things from China in the coming years.