Thursday, 31 July 2008

John Mack spots historic recruitment chance

Oh yeah? I see it differently myself. And you're thinking now: Well, Michael, you would see it differently because you're a goddamn screwball. No I'm not.

What's this all about? The chairman and chief executive of Morgan Stanley, Johnny Mack, has told all his mates at the bank that the credit crunch is a historic opportunity to recruit bankers, traders, and risk managers. Well, ain't that nice? But not one mention of financial shamans or money mystics. What is wrong with this guy? Is he living in the past? Hasn't he heard of mystical capitalism?

I have been speaking to Arthur Simmons, and he told me, 'Chill out, Michael. There is nothing to worry about. Everything is beautiful. John will be hiring some shamans and mystics. He just ain't letting the whole world know about it, that's all. I have a very good source at Morgan Stanley, and she gave me John's exact words on the matter. Apparently, he said: We've got to bring these shamans and mystics in through the back door. My concern is that we don't scare all the straights and squares we've got working for us. So you see, Mack is on the ball. But he's playing it safe.'

I'll believe it when I see it.