Thursday, 24 July 2008

Malcolm Calvert: insider dealing?

A former Cazenove partner, Malcolm Calvert, will appear in court today. He is accused by the FSA of insider dealing! Now, I don't know if he is innocent or guilty. All I will say is that he is a known associate of the demonic financier Jack Pickles. Make of that what you will.

Mr Calvert would not speak to some newspaper when it phoned him. Surprise, surprise. But he would speak to me. I get all the scoops, me. Mal said, 'I don't know no Jack Pickles. I've had no dealings with no Jack Pickles. I don't know shit, do you understand? What, you think I'm crazy? You think if I knew any Jack Pickles I would tell anyone? Are you out of your fucking mind? I don't know Jack. He don't know me. I've never met him. I've never worked for him. I've never been to his house in the Cayman Islands. Shit! Why won't you people leave me alone? Who is this? Is this Jack now? Am I speaking to Jack Pickles? Fuck!'

He then hung up the phone. Bloody hell. Is this guy paranoid or what? He's certainly scared. Real scared. But I reckon he will be okay. Jack looks after his people. Yeah, he's an evil bastard, but you can't say he doesn't look after his people. Actually, it is Jack Pickles the FSA should be going after. I wonder what the problem is. Is the FSA scared of him?