Monday, 7 July 2008

Driss Ben-Brahim defects to GLG Partners

Goldman Sachs superstar Driss Ben-Brahim has defected to GLG partners! Driss is a top trader and will certainly give a boost to GLG, which is losing Greg Coffey this October. Apparently, Driss is going to take control of the Emerging Markets Special Situations fund, presently run by Greg. Wonderful! Also, he will develop a global macro business. Brilliant!

I have been speaking to the boss of GLG Partners, Noam Gottesman, and he told me, 'I've found an impressive hire for the distressed space. A lot of people thought I wouldn't be able to do it, but I did it. I did it! The distressed space is filled. It's full. Driss is in the space now. He lives in the space. The space where dreams come true, where you can be a real man, where love is all around you. There is no anger in the space. No fear. Only peace, and hope, and things of beauty. Driss is a thing of beauty. A man's man as well. I want to see him grow in the space. GLG will grow with him. Big Herb has already given his blessing. We're going to make so much money. Rejoice!'

I love Noam Gottesman. Sure, he talks a lot of shit, but I just love the guy.