Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Societe Generale: your focus, our focus

On what should we focus? Ah, the age-old question.

There is a hermit who lives in a cave. There is a mystic. There are worlds beyond ours. There is money in the bank. There is blood. There will be tears. Ideas help us make the difference. Thank you. Equity derivatives.

Macro research - who needs it? Where do we find the money? Focus. Look into your heart. Look into the eyes of Satan. One day all our dreams will come true. One day all our nightmares will evaporate with the morning dew. Smile.

Day after day. Societe Generale Cross Asset Research. It makes sense. If you travel far enough in your mind, it all makes sense. Let's go and not come back. Let's go and stay there always, in the Shadowlands. Rejoice!

Sometimes the darkness takes me, and I cannot resist. But we all get like that sometimes, don't we? Others embrace the darkness. They love it. Money has destroyed them. It's so sad. Fixed income. Trust. Thank you.

A rough night. Blood on the window. My eyes! I can't see my eyes! Run inside. Hide. Finance. Tears. More blood. The horror.

Our clients. Oh, our clients! How many more times? Must we always be slaves? Where is the freedom we were promised? Let's sleep for a thousand years. Financial markets will sleep as well. And dream. The dream of the righteous.

Value. Is there any value any more?