Wednesday, 9 July 2008

IndyMac: elevated levels

Elevated levels? What's this? Well, apparently, IndyMac said yesterday that depositors had continued to withdraw money from the bank at 'elevated levels' since June, when a senator, Charles Schumer, urged regulators to monitor the US mortgage lender's condition.

I have been speaking to Charlie boy. He told me, 'I regret it now, and I hope God will forgive me. But I had to do it. Jack had me over a barrel. Jack Pickles. He was blackmailing me. And I thought he was my friend. But we had a falling out after I criticized his brother Nicky. Called him a two-bit crook. I didn't think Jack cared about his brother. He said to me - Senator, we're both part of the same hypocrisy, but never think it applies to my family. I know now that Nicky isn't even involved with his brother's business. Oh, what a mess! I've got to go into the Witness Protection Program with Samuel Israel III. God forgive me.'

Latest Jack Pickles news: Jack has been spotted in Brazil, hiding from the Feds. But he just can't stay out of trouble. Various characters were arrested in Brazil yesterday - Daniel Dantas (head of the Opportunity group), Naji Nahas (a top investor), and Celso Pitta (a former mayor of Sao Paulo). All working for Jack. He's only been in the country five minutes.