Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Nick Tranter has been hired by Execution

Yeah, Nick Tranter (he used to be a derivatives specialist at BNP Paribas) has been hired by that equities broker, Execution.

Garreth Hodgson, head of European equities at Execution, reckons everything is going to be shaken up now.


But I wouldn't shake too violently. The cosmos. I presume Garreth was referring to the cosmos. I wouldn't grab hold of this fragile cosmos with a crude financial mind and shake it until money explodes before our very eyes. An explosion of cash could be dangerous at this point in time. Since the ceremony in the desert, there have been signs that we are moving out of the New Depression. I am not saying the crunch has been crunched, but I am saying that Ganesh the elephant god has been smiling a lot lately in my dreams - and that can only be a good thing. Dear reader, have ye ever seen a big smiling elephant? It is not something you would forget. I'm pretty sure Garreth is familiar with the smiling face of Ganesh, and that is why he is so excited. Also, I should imagine that Ganesh is familiar with Garreth's dreamy face in the night-time. But Garreth! O Garreth, be careful with the shaking!

Same goes for you, Nick.