Wednesday, 26 August 2009

You shall become strangers to those who know you

O bankers, O traders, O children of the City, warriors of the crunch, sometimes I am not even human - do you realize this?

At the end of summer, a night in a sky of my choosing, astral wanderings, I am a storm of blood and fire! This is not about money. In my highest of highs I am beyond money. Just blood, fire. A spirit burning and smoking! My soul stinks!

Will you follow me? Are you brave enough? Can you go beyond?

Yes! Yes! Yes!

Oh, I hear you; but I do not know whether you will be able to cope with the expansions I have in mind. So will you still follow me? Everything you believe, everything you know, is bullshit. I will smash your fantasies. I will give you a new way of seeing. Your mystic eyes will float in my direction in your dreams. You will be lost in my subconscious. You will have no reality. Your thoughts will come through me. I will give you emotions. Money will not exist on this level. This will be something there are no words for.

You are breaking through. You are so close. You must let go. I let go a long time ago. I lost everything. I became empty. Just a voice hollering in the desert now. That is where my power comes from. I am as free as God. Slaves fear me. O my children, be strong!