Thursday, 25 August 2011

Hawker Capital has launched a global macro fund

Oh dear. What is the deal with these global macro funds? Why do so many people have a hard-on for them at the moment? This latest one is called the Vulcan Global Macro fund, if you can believe that. It's being managed by Mr Spock. No, Jan Szilagyi. Whoever he is. I give up. Honestly, I give up. Do me a favour, anyone thinking of getting into this global macro nonsense: go and see Lee Robinson. He'll show you the scars.


Bloody horrible day. It's pissing down. This is the end of summer. The perfect time to listen to my favourite album, Dennis Wilson's Pacific Ocean Blue. I haven't listened to it since my holiday in Cornwall in June - when I was seriously considering drowning myself in the sea. But that dark moment passed, as all dark moments pass, to be replaced by light moments, and even more dark moments. It goes on forever? I'll get back to you on that.

Daryl Easlea's review: 'Pacific Ocean Blue is the amusement arcade with the paint peeling, the carnie clown's cracked make-up fading as they pack away their act after another late September weekend of half-full applause and bitter tears. The other side of summer.'