Friday, 19 August 2011

Is someone going to explain to me who Jakob Holm is, and what he is?

Seriously. I want to know - EVERYTHING. And it's no good your coming to me, and saying: 'Mr Fowke, Jakob Holm is a founder of Bullseye Asset Management, along with his friend, William Bales. They used to work together at Janus. They were portfolio managers, apparently. Oh, and they have something called the Bullseye Disciplined Long Short fund. It's a hedge fund! Exciting, eh?' That won't satisfy me.

It won't satisfy me. It will not satisfy me.

I haven't got the energy to investigate him myself. I need people to explain shit to me. Is he more than a finance man? Is Jakob more than dollars and cents? I need to know. They have shamans and mystics at Janus. That's where he comes from. So, does that make him one of us? Maybe. I don't know.

I wish, I wish, I wish ... I knew. Yes, I wish.

I don't know. But I wish I did know. I wish I knew. These people just get in my head. I never asked for this. They just get in my head. (Not Bales. Don't care about him.) I can't sort stuff out until I know. Will I ever know?

Will I ever, ever, ever ... know?

And when you're done explaining the mystery of Jakob Holm, will you get round to me? And yourself. Let me know who you are. (((Are we one(s) of us, or one(s) of them?))) If I had some idea. If I ... who, I

This is not