Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Paige Capital Management has been ordered to give Randy Lerner his money back

All $40 million of it. I lost my temper. I said to Michele and Chris: 'Listen, you two, Randy has asked me to get his money for him. And you better give it to him. Or I'll pretend to be Jack Pickles again. You won't want that. Do what's right. Don't make me come back here in dreams because they'll be hellish nightmares next time.'

I'm hoping Randy will give me a little taste of it, just to show his gratitude and all. I didn't ask him for any payment. Maybe I should have done. I'm too much of a humanitarian, that's my trouble. It's no way to get rich.


What's going on today? Anything exciting? I'm glad Cameron pulled his finger out yesterday and put more cops on the street. That's the power of this blog. God knows what will happen with the Olympics. I wonder how many of the rioting kids have tickets for events next year. My guess would be hardly any - or maybe none at all. The Olympics isn't for ordinary people, is it? (Who wanted it, eh?) It's for politicians and their friends in big business, and assorted media twats. As I keep saying, the whole world is corrupt. Is anyone listening?